Logo of Maison Alcée
Maison Alcée logo in white

The visual identity of Maison Alcée

Our watch logo should be in line with the values of our House:

  • Excellence in craftsmanship, particularly in watchmaking
  • Achievement through high qualityworkmanship
  • The transmission of know-how
Watch brand: Maison Alcée

A logo in watchmaking

This watch logo uses the M and the A in heritage: the balance between the Métiers d'Art and the Maison Alcée

 The Maison Alcée logo refers to the Golden Number and to Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, a nod to our love for art and science.


Geographical forms of watchmaking

  • The circle evokes the community, the unity in a privileged group
  • The square symbolises the foundations of the Alcée House
  • The triangle awakens the opening towards a sacred knowledge


Logo representing the Métiers d'Art


  • The clockwork is represented by the dial and the second hand
  • The presence of an arrow evokes the ascent towards an ideal, evolution and the future. The association of these two elements couples the tradition of a know-how with the innovation linked to a new approach to luxury.
Logo of Maison Alcée


Mechanical colour


Mineral grey was selected for the colour scheme of the logo. This colour symbolises both the wisdom and knowledge of watchmaking know-how and the elegance of the beautiful gesture. It is a reminder of the mechanical colour of our clockwork. That's all there is to it!

As a secondary colour, we have chosen yellow, which brings a warm and radiant touch.

Clockwork quote on time

A Maison Alcée typography


The typography or the excellence of the font, it was necessary to find one in adequacy with our values. The Avenir typeface will be the one of choice because it is without impasto and adapted to the innovative character of Maison Alcée.

We have selected the typeface Avenir for the current text. Avenir is a sans serif typeface adapted to the innovative character of the Alcée House.

"Here is the soul of our brand and the explanation of our logo in watchmaking, we hope you like it as much as we do!"

A suspended time


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