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A watchmaking workshop for an exclusive experience

Each watchmaker's workshop as guardian of time

Behind the scenes of its watchmaking workshop in Reims, or at a location of your choice, Maison Alcée opens the doors to a fascinating adventure. With colleagues, family or friends, plunge into the heart of watchmaking know-how and become a builder of a pretext for measuring time.

Watchmaker's workshop - Maison Alcée
Watchmaker's workshop _ Maison Alcée
Watchmaking workshop / Maison Alcée

Watchmaking workshop:
Unravel the mysteries of time

Accompanied by Alcée and Benoît Montfort, founders of the Maison, you will handle watchmaking components and tools, then feel the pride of having shaped the watch with your own hands...

1 and 12 people

Duration: 1h30 to 2h00

From €1,600 per workshop

Tailor-made events possible

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"For your own pleasure or to share your passion with loved ones, our watchmaking workshop is a lovely way to take time in hand..."

Watchmaking workshop:
Become the guardians of time

Accompanied by Alcée and Benoît Montfort, enjoy a timeless experience as you assemble your very own clock, signed with your initials.


  • Workshop tour over a hearty breakfast
  • Introducing the history of Maison Alcée
  • Set up at the workbench, then handle the various tools
  • Start assembling your timepiece
  • Lunch cocktail tasting
  • Back to the workbench and assembly completed
  • And Time begins... Enjoy the resonance of the tick and tock of your timepiece.
  • Take your masterpiece home and watch it come to life!

1 to 4 people

Duration: 1 day

From €5,500 per person

Tailor-made events possible

1 to 4 people

Duration: 1 day

From €5,500 per person

Tailor-made events possible

At Maison Alcée, each watchmaking workshop is an invitation to discovery and fulfillment, where passion and precision come together. Experience this unique watchmaking adventure, where every moment becomes a precious memory to share with loved ones or to live for yourself. An extraordinary experience, during which each meticulous gesture reveals the timeless character of your creation, a unique timepiece.

Watchmaking workshop / Maison Alcée

"The watchmaking workshops are the hidden jewels of Maison Alcée, offering every watchmaking lover the opportunity to marvel at the grandeur of this age-old art."

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