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Discovering Royal Champagne

Our House was deeply moved by the union of beauty and humanity. How do you describe a five-star hotel? Certainly not in a rational way... Beauty is everywhere, from the horse that welcomes you to the sumptuous chandelier reflecting the light to the unobstructed view of the Champagne vineyards.

Maison Alcée - Champagne

Do you know the historical part of this exceptional place?

Once a coaching inn on the road to Reims, a sacred site for the Kings of France since Clovis, the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa was a favorite stopover for Napoleon and his generals. A few centuries later, this stopover has lost none of its charm. The memory of this emperor is omnipresent in this prestigious hotel.

Maison Alcée - Royal Champagne

The experience of beauty

A first meeting in October 2022, then a second in December and a third in January. Our Maison was delighted to see the project take shape and finally come to life in March 2023.

The House's ambition: to offer Royal Champagne customers an escapade into the mysterious world of Time in a beautiful and educational way. A moment suspended outside time, and captivating exchanges between enthusiasts and amateurs.

Maison Alcée - Royal Champagne

A workshop in the heart of time

On Thursday March 16, 2023, the first workshop was held at the exceptional Royal Champagne.

From the history of Maison Alcée to the discovery of this craft with a thousand tools, each participant was able to step into the watchmaker's shoes and take part in the assembly of the Persée clock.

A warm, intimate moment.

Maison Alcée - Royal Champagne
Maison Alcée - Royal Champagne

Watchmaking is a craft that holds a very special place, even among other professions of excellence. It involves an almost philosophical approach to the fascinating concept of Time, and demands a degree of scientific understanding not usually found in other so-called manual trades. What an honor it is to be able to pass on the beauty of watchmaking know-how to curious people who don't make it their profession, which is why watchmaking transmission is at the heart of Maison Alcée.

The story is just beginning...

Maison Alcée - Royal Champagne
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A suspended time


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