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Alcée founder of Maison Alcée

Alcée Montfort,

co-founder of Maison Alcée

Learning through creation

After having worked in prestigious companies such as Hermès, Cartier or Tag Heuer, Alcée was keen to share her passion for the craft of excellence.
She fulfills herself through manual creation. It invites her to take time for herself, to remember her childhood dreams and to be happy with the object she creates. This is how she created Maison Alcée.
If you wish to follow her on LinkedIn, she will certainly tell you about her love for the piano, her outlet. Watchmaking, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship will of course be at the center of her exchanges!
Alcée will have the desire to offer you a unique experience of high-end do-it-yourself...

Benoît founder of Maison Alcée

Benoit Montfort

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Thierry Ducret, best watchmaker in France and partner of Maison Alcée

Thierry Ducret

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Jean-Marie, clock-making teacher at the high school in Morteau

Jean-Marie Desgrange

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Timepiece Designer

Antoine Tschumi

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Maison Alcée, a history of transmission

Keeping watchmaking alive while returning to childhood memories through high-end do-it-yourself

In order to give back all their lustre to the crafts, Maison Alcée becomes a guide in the meanders of the assembling of objects with a beautiful aesthetic, aligning its horizons with those of the professions that it does not wish to see disappear.

To escape into a manual practice, to slip into the skin of a craftsman is a nice way of preserving the richness of these trades which do not always get the recognition they deserve.

Rather than castigating a heritage in decline, the founder of this House does not cry foul and encourages the desire to rub shoulders with the work of a goldsmith.

Durability of your Persée clock

Sharing the watchmaking gesture

All our parts are tested one by one and then assembled to ensure and check the quality of each component.

This high quality standard will allow for the object to be passed on from generation to generation.

You are therefore the custodian of your own timepiece. Your Persée may need a surface cleaning or oiling in a few years. We count on you to do the revision! All explanations are included in the booklet and we will be available to accompany you.

As you now know, our Persée can be disassembled and assembled over and over again. If in a few years you want to share this passion with your child and pass on your knowledge of watchmaking, that would be our greatest achievement.

Transfer of know-how

The uniqueness of your watchmaking experience

Your customisable timepiece

Your clock will be unique. You will have assembled it yourself and it will keep the traces of your hands.

It is up to you to choose between the three proposed variations and above all to decide when building your timepiece whether you prefer to have it in a horizontal or vertical position.

When you have finished the assembly, we will send you the plate with your initials and your limited edition number. You will then join the tiny circle of daring minds of Maison Alcée, having succeeded in the achievement of their own timepiece.

Watch object in limited quantity

Watch object in limited quantity

Unique design clock

Single clock

Customisable timepiece signed with your name

Timepiece signed with your name

A suspended time


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